The Weekly Smile 4/18/20

It’s been a crazy week. I’m not sleeping well, I had crazy Covid training to do for daycare, I am not doing well this week playing with stupid.

There is a big smile to share though-I’ve added to my fur family. Cause I’m a complete nut job.

Meet Phantom. He’s 10-12 months, and has spent almost his entire life at the local animal shelter. He’s the shyest cat you’ve ever seen. And he has a mild case of Wobbler’s Syndrome-a genetic neurological disorder which affects the movement of his back legs.

His right leg is a little crooked when he walks, and he’s quite messy with the litter box. He has spent the last four days in the small bathroom hiding under the hole in the cabinet at the bottom of the sink. He did come out this morning at 5:30 to see me and I’m hoping he gets braver soon. Complete definition of a scaredy-cat. but he’s super soft and loves to be loved on. Please don’t judge my bathroom or the floor.

That’s about it. For real. I’m beat this week. My CPTSD is trying to flare, and that does t go well with stupid people. I mentioned that already didn’t I?? 😜

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5 Responses to The Weekly Smile 4/18/20

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Glad Phantom could join the family. When we got Josie, I don’t think I saw her for weeks. Now she is in my lap constantly and sleeps tucked up under my arm. I’m sure Phantom will come around. I mean, a good start – he seems to enjoy the attention 🙂 We also have Albert, another rescue, who has three legs. As he ages, his litter box messes have been getting worse 😦 So I understand that side too.

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