Cold and Warm

I’m really ready for Spring. Or at least warmer weather. I know God has a reason for every season. I’m grateful to be alive for them. I’m just not a fan of the cold.

Many people I know wear flip flops when it’s 50 degrees. I have my Antarctica jacket on. I’m a weine. And I can confess that.

So I sit in the heated car, thankful for the ability to have heat in the first place. Once I feel on fire, I jump out and go on the hunt.

As usual, God blesses me with his beauty. Even in the winter, He has created a world still filled with wonder. You just have to suck it up and look.

Thankful and blessed. Working on not being such a whiner and complainer. Without the cold, these images would not be possible. Thank you my Lord.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

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For a short lived time, I had hit the jackpot. Trying to find quick things for breakfast for a child who has ADHD is not easy. Because getting them up in the morning is an everyday battle. Pretty much have tried everything. Trust me, if you have a child like this you understand.

I’m fortunate that diet changes help my son. No dyes and little to none when it comes to sugar. He still takes his medication, but it helps.

So in the last few weeks, I had found that Trix was using only natural food coloring for their cereal. It was a bonus for both of us. No dyes, not too much sugar, and a convenient breakfast. No judging allowed. So as usual I placed the weekly order. And then my son actually noticed that the label was different.

The dyes were back. No more Trix. Broken hearted boy, and irritated mama. All because someone thought the colors should be brighter. They taste no different. They sog the same. The price is the same. I just don’t get it.

My son is not a picky eater. This was something I felt I could give him as a treat per say. Something other kids can eat for breakfast. Again, if you don’t have these struggles I don’t need your negative comments. So, we are back to the drawing board. *sigh*

I can say that the best place I have found for naturally colored low sugar cereal is Aldi grocery stores. And I feel blessed by it. So Fruit Rounds here we come! Guess this mama just needed a moment. By the way, Aldi is the best place I’ve found for other natural foods, snacks, etc. at a reasonable price. Feeding your family good stuff is unfortunately expensive. Sooo backward. Story for another time.

I’d love suggestions on quick breakfast options for kids! New is exciting!

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Favorite Amateur

My eyes see and then my brain says go. My focus isn’t always what is assumed, and I don’t always see it the same way twice.

The little details amaze me. I have a walking microscope and it’s one of my favorites. To see things we take for granted. Textures and cycles. Color or none.

I’m fascinated by the intricate details. God made everything. He forgot nothing. How can you argue these things when most days we walk past them without a thought?

I don’t have a super expensive fancy camera with 5 lenses that come on and off. I’d probably lose them if I did. What I do have is an appreciation of the little things.

Like the little eyeballs on this guy. How cool is that? God gave these things a purpose. The dandelions to make wishes. The colors to fill us with joy. I call it, “my piece of peace.” It’s what brings me closer to nature. And HE created it. So pay attention to all things. Not just the ones you can see.

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Forgiveness and Repentence

This past Sunday was quite eye opening. Actually, it was quite heart opening. And it continues to be so.

I responded to alter call for prayer this past Sunday. My prayer leader said something that though I’ve heard before, just now is on repeat in my Spirit.

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

I’m writing it on my bathroom mirror. And it leads me to play repeat on God’s command, “In your anger, do not sin.”

His timing. His playing field. His righteousness.

I’m having to learn to take not just day by day. I’m having to learn to take moment by moment. Lord, hold my tongue and guide my wisdom. And thank you Lord for those you have placed in my life to help me.

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Tuesday Talk 13th February 2018 Bridge to the past

For many of us seeing friends and family hurting is heart wrenching. What I love is the the claiming of healing in the one true physician. I have heard multiple testimonies in my church of these miracles. Claim in Victory in His mighty name. Pray this pray. Increase your faith. And remember though we may not understand, God has a purpose.

Red Letters

My eldest daughter goes to a school in the City centre. It’s only a 7 mile journey but during rush hour, it can take us an hour to get there and can be quite stressful driving in all of the traffic.

One morning, I was doing the usual school run when all of a sudden, I completely lost my memory. I was having a normal conversation with my daughter but for a couple of minutes, I completely forgot what we were talking about and I felt very confused and disorientated. It really panicked me and I called my mom in tears. She calmed me down and I regained my composure but I’ve not forgotten the feeling of panic and confusion that came over me.

The memory loss that I experienced was more than likely stress induced but thankfully, was temporary and I’ve not experienced anything like that since. For those…

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Some People Get It

He loved doing this and showing me how cool his finger looked in the dark. He was so excited he wanted to keep coming into the bathroom while I was in the shower. That’s how the impulsivity rolls. In this case, it was a happy moment that was well worth entertaining. His smile is priceless.

And then we have moments of such overwhelming disappointment in something, the emotional outburst and anger can be frightening. Again, impulsivity and being behind in executive functioning is how ADHD rolls.

So while us parents work extra hard to try to learn how to help them, find strategies, and maintain a level of civility in people who have no clue, one of the things I have found is this…

ADDitude Magazine is a lifesaver for us families who battle such up and down issues. They get it. There’s no judgement. No name calling. Just great information on how to take one day at a time. It’s in my inbox and consistently nails our struggles while providing tips and support.

If you haven’t checked it out please do. It helps my sanity and gives me insight on my son’s needs.

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God is the Artist

I walked out of my front door this evening and was instantly in awe of the colors and clouds that appeared before me. If you don’t get to see these moments, you’re missing something beautifully made.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to chase it and get as much of it as I could. Because this view does no justice.

Please don’t look at this and tell me there is no God. Only He could form the earth to make such breathtaking sights. And for this, I say Thank You Lord!

“Hallelujah! You who serve GOD, praise GOD! Just to speak his name is praise! Just to remember GOD is a blessing— now and tomorrow and always. From east to west, from dawn to dusk, keep lifting all your praises to GOD!”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭113:1-3‬ ‭MSG‬‬

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