Word Of The Day

With all the drama in our lives you would think the spirit of support and encouragement would be revered as a priority in our communities. Especially when some are putting in so much work to help those less fortunate. Especially this time of year. Mind you it is being done by those who want to fill needs. And they are struggling for help.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe I shouldn’t be disappointed. But I’m both, and I’m angry. It disgusts me to see all of these local “leaders” and those in “charge” silent and invisible when so many everyday people and small businesses are trying to make magic happen.

There’s no support-be it financial or emotional. They don’t have a problem running for spots, spending money to get that vote; but as their towns need them they are hiding. Staying quiet and selfishly comfortable because it’s the easy thing to do. They recognize none of those who put their heart and soul into serving the communities they claim to love-for them it’s all about how they look and not what they do. Which turns my stomach because they aren’t doing anything.

As those in “charge” they should be leading the people they are supposed to serve to help their neighbors, build one another up, support the non profits who take care of those in need. Because they aren’t doing it. There’s no self sacrifice.

I just…ugh…smh

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