This past week, students at my daughter’s school had parent led conferences . I suck and forgot to schedule, but am trying to get one figured out for next week. I feel horrible in that regard.

However, one of my first daycare kids I had in my home is still close with my daughter. And I take care of her two younger siblings. She is precious, and I still get to have her occasionally when school is closed. Yesterday when mom picked up the younger two, I ran out to give her the crafts that had been forgotten on the table.

Big sister was there, and she informed me that I am the most influential person in her life. I was taken aback and a bit lost. Well, during their conference at school, 3rd grade, they were asked who outside of family is the most influential person for them. And out of every option she has, she chose me.

I cried many times last night. To know you’ve made such an impact in someone’s life at such a young age is a gift. So even on the days I have to be mean Ms. Kammie I tell them it’s out of love. And somewhere down the line, they know it.

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7 Responses to Difference

  1. lois says:

    Kammie–that is so very special. You are truly loved.

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  2. What a loving piece. That eye has a wonderful mix of blue and green too.

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  3. That is quite a compliment, happy for you

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