Day Old Coffee

You all know I get behind. This time it was simply because it was a busy day! I didn’t even get to finish my coffee yesterday!

Yesterday (Saturday) my daughter and I went back to work at the animal shelter. This time, I made my 13 year old son go with. I had originally given him a choice. But then he had an attitude, still hadn’t cleaned his room, so the choice was no longer on the table. And even though I called him a jerk face, (to which I did apologize for) I still told him his disrespect was not acceptable. So how did it go?

AND 2 of the longest resident dogs were adopted!! Plus another!!!!

There also ended up being a mom and daughter who came to volunteer. The daughter was pretty shy, but by the end she and my son exchanged phone numbers, mom and I exchanged phone numbers, and we left in fabulous spirits.

Upon arriving home, I had the kids helping me (attempting) with chores so I didn’t have to stress too much on Sunday. I sent my son out to wash the trash can. This is what happened.

So for the most part, some stuff got done. We went from this to eat at my parent’s house. A few hiccups but these moments are what I’m choosing to focus on.❤️

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