In My Spare Time

My pastimes are pretty repetitive generally stating. It’s all about taking in what is right in front of me, behind me, above me-and trying to share the beauty of what I see. There’s always an emotion of some sort attached-I can’t always articulate it, but my heart carries it.

Don’t the white spots look like little hearts?

Squirrel watching is a favorite.

My favorite tree-and one of the best smells ever.

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5 Responses to In My Spare Time

  1. Lovely shots for the challenge! My eye was caught right away by the swallowtail butterfly. We had one hatch out a few days ago, after overwintering in our sun-room. And who doesn’t love watching squirrels! They are such entertaining characters. Thank you so much for sharing your pastimes and pictures, all so beautifully captured.

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  2. JohnRH says:

    Great photos. Love the tree and sky, and the pine. Beautiful. What kind of pine is it?

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