Pull Up A Seat Challenge Week 37

Busy road…but a gorgeous ugly green couch. If I could have I would have. Yes, taken it home. It’s throw up adorable.

I love salvaged things…though two armrests would be helpful. 🤔

So every few weeks, you can go to the end of my street and hang a right. Every few weeks you will see a different random chair out on the sidewalk. I’ve yet to see who does it. Are they that picky? 🤷🏼‍♀️


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7 Responses to Pull Up A Seat Challenge Week 37

  1. chava61 says:

    I love the one with the little girl!

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  2. XingfuMama says:

    It’s always interesting to see what folks put out. The rustic wooden bench is great, even without the second arm rest.

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  3. TCast says:

    That little girl is so cute sitting on this wooden bench

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