Trying This Food Thing Again

I got a wild hair to make two yummy looking recipes today for dinner. I ended up putting them together, and I’m so happy I did! Plus, it was low carb. Bonus!!

What you see is homemade broccoli chicken soup. Two recipes but I’m all about simple. I’m not good at sharing the recipes and directions. So I’ll give you the links and tell you what I changed.

This is what my crockpot looked like inside before I put the lid on top. The chicken and seasoning is under all that fabulous bacon. I’m drooling again, but my tummy is full!

I have a 3 mini crockpot contraption. It’s amazing. I actually stole it from bonus daughter at our annual White Elephant Christmas family affair. Don’t huff-because at the time she didn’t cook. Proud to say this last semester she willingly took a cooking course! And did great! I loved seeing the recipes she made, and was thankful she took the time to share them with me. Sorry, squirrel again.

This is the beginning of the broccoli soup. The recipe I will share with you is broccoli cheddar. You can follow the recipe or make the changes I did. If it suits your fancy.

I used organic chicken broth, one 8oz cubed cream cheese, and one 16oz of heavy whipping cream. I still used the frozen broccoli florets, but did skip the cheddar making the recipe. Onion and garlic powder to taste.

So, when the chicken was done I shredded it. When the soup was done, I blended it together to make a cream of broccoli. (I don’t have anything fancy so I used my ninja) And that way the broccoli was not in giant chunks.

And then the magic happened…I mixed it all together in the big crockpot. Put it in a bowl, topped it with the shredded cheddar, a little sour cream, and bacon.

That’s it. But I’m thinking I need to make this a one pot meal. I’ll get back to you that. If I can remember to try it! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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