Tuesday Photo Challenge: Overhead

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Overhead

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Walking the almost invisible line

Emotionally balancing impossibility

Attempting to control internal fear

Not handing it to the point of perfection

Though His hand is reaching to catch your fall

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Wordless Wednesday 8/7/19

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The Weekly Smile August 8, 2019

School is almost here and I’m ready-for everyone else’s kids to go back. But that means mine does too and I won’t get the extra time I want. What happened to summer going until September?

It’s been a hectic week, but over the last 4-5 days there’s been some positive.

First, the company I sent my samples to were not interested. That news sucked bad-and then a friend from church called (same day) and asked if I wanted to be a vendor at an upcoming pet and car show in September. Well, God only opens the doors that He wants you in. Through tears I said of course, and apologized to God for once again not fully trusting His plan. This human thing is hard.

Second, this last weekend I did nothing exciting. I stayed in with my kids and we had an art therapy weekend.

My 11 year old painted this with acrylics-only his second time to ever paint on canvas I must add. Dude is good y’all.

My 6 year old wanted to work on her lion.

Yeah my teenager didn’t paint on canvas, but he did join us at the table to work on his custom hot wheel he’s making.

And I did the two on the left to complete a set of three. They are all 18″x24″ in wrapped 3″ canvas. This makes them look small, but they bring great color to the house. I’m waiting back to hear if they will go in the gallery or not. I’m aching to paint more, but I need to focus on the car show as well. I need more time!!

This morning started off rough, and then all of the sudden…

This sold In one of the stock photo places I’m part of. It may be $2, it may be more-but I’m not complaining. A sale is a sale, and someone likes it. I’m thankful and blessed.

So outside of that, it’s just hectic trying to get all the kids ready for school, dealing with other people’s BS, trying to keep cool in my own bs, oh and I wrote my testimony for Celebrate Recovery. Man that made me some kind of grumpy and irritable mess! But I did it, and I’m glad. If I can encourage one person, then I’m serving a purpose.

One last thing-this gluten free thing is making such a huge difference for me. It’s hard-but I can feel the progress. And I haven’t bloated to the size of a pregnant lady about to give birth since the week of July 4th! Y’all it’s so amazing. I’ve got a long way to go-but it’s a positive start!

And my cooking is getting better! 😊

The Weekly Smile August 8, 2019

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I Should Be Sleeping

I’m snuggled on one end of the couch with my life juice and my daughter’s baby blanket. Alex has claimed the other end-if you asked him he’s pouting because he normally lays where I am. Tough cookies dude.

It’s overcast here at the moment, perfect snooze weather, yet my brain is on anxiety speed so while my body is screaming sleep, my brain is poking me with untrue not happened yet scenarios.

I will be cooking a big homemade lunch today of shrimp and beef tacos, paired with corn on the cob and mashed taters. I’m sure beans are in there somewhere.

Then it’s my last and only chance to take the kids to get school clothes. Since I have one with a new uniform dress code and sensory issues, I can’t just grab whatever for the next 3 years. Should be interesting.

My high schooler has his team tennis dinner tonight as well. I’m pretty sure the kids planned it as it’s at a cheap pizza place. I’m thinking I need to have them reschedule and cook for them here. Just doesn’t seem right.

So ultimately, I just need to get through today without an emotional and mental breakdown. Must get more life juice!

Have a blessed day!

Weekend Coffee Share

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RDP: Transition

From one side to the other

The light plays transition

Dark and bright with shadows and flares

Steer straight ahead

As all is on point

Coming together

Creating perfection

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #56-seascapes or lakeshores

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #56-Seascapes or Lakeshores

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