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Question of the Day..

If you did not have to have a job, what job would you have? If I did not have to have a job that depended on income, I would absolutely love to run a food pantry. There’s something very humbling … Continue reading

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Unlimited Memories

My phone rang in the middle of the day today. As soon as I saw the name I Knew. I almost didn’t answer but that would have been nothing short of selfishness. In truth, it was denial. No answer, no … Continue reading

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Who Are You Looking Out For? (Oct 2016)

I just feel like this really speaks for itself right now.  Do you want to be a parent?  Cause I tell you what-You can’t be a great one and be selfish at the same time. Continue reading

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Almost out of Duct Tape (April 2016)

It drives me nuts when people wait until the last minute to use their turn signal.  Yes I sometimes do.  I feel horrible and find myself apologizing out loud to the irritated person behind me.  Why?  Because I am normally that irritated person slamming on the breaks wondering why there was no warning.  The person behind me has no clue that I feel bad-at that point I don’t know that they would care. Our word of the day is CARE.
If you live in Texas this is a given.  If not, you are missing out on some serious diy techniques.  My family tends to be stubborn when it comes to fixing things.  It’s not neccassarily a financial issue.  It’s that they CARE about how it gets fixed and they are the only ones they trust to get it done.  No, no new tube needed.  Get the duct tape and you will be good for a while. Patch a hole, hook some plumbing together, decorate your notebook.  Shoot, if you are my dad you can use it to hold a body part together until you get to the hospital.  Any way you see it, the outcome is they CARE about the steps.  They have a pride thing going on.  Or they just have to get the job done before they have time to get the thumb sewn back on.  It’s a patch.  And it is temporary.
So why do some of us tend to try to use duct tape to patch something we have no control over?  Why oh why do we CARE so much about things or people who don’t reciprocate?  And for good gravy and biscuits sake why do we let it devastate us so?
Care: feel concern or interest; attach importance to something. Verb. (Google search)
“I should care greatly about things over which I am powerless.”  Formula for anxiety right there.  Me and others all darn day long! He nailed it. http://blogs.ancientfaith.com/glory2godforallthings/?s=Do+You+care+too+much
If there is something that gets our heart racing, then we are passionate about it.  I am passionate about the hungry in our communities.  It is something that causes an emotional response-I want to fix it.  It is something I can actually help with, but I don’t have the ability to fix it.  I have a passion for children and their morals and values.  I have very little say many times about what I see and how it is going to affect an individual long term.  I have been told I have no business caring for these individuals or the situation.  The hardest part is that of course I do care, but I am alone in these battles.  I am passionate about people because I love them and I want what is best.  But I don’t have the duct tape to hold it together.  I don’t have enough of it to wrap around so many times it causes a permanent seal.  The worst thing sometimes is not being able to NOT care or love.  The situation or person may not really be affected by your interest in their well being or what thoughts/feelings you have on it.  Most of the time, your opinion means poo poo.  That is where we find ourselves reaching for that duct tape.  The ginormous band aid.  Trying to fix something we probably didn’t break or tear to begin with.  For whatever reason we have a drive to try anyway. No we are not clueless, we just love too much. 1 Corinthians 13:3 MSG tells it all.
For those times we feel useless and our love unwanted, get on your knees and pray.  You can’t change many things, but our almighty God can.  Waiting stinks, especially when we want him working on our time schedule.  Since he doesn’t, it’s called faith. Prayer is a powerful thing, and sometimes the situation can’t be fixed with that glorious role of gray sticky stuff. Cast your anxiety’s on him, pray specifically to him!  He is our Savior.  I will be the first to admit that I do not understand why he takes so long sometimes.  Or why he may not answer.  Maybe we get his answer but we are too blind to accept it.  Probably too stubborn to listen. Because we think our love can break down those barriers. We think if we love hard enough, put up with enough, forgive enough, then our love will win.  Sadly, that is not the case.  It is also the most hurtful.  In truth, only God’s love can do that.  So give all that love to those who openly accept it.  Give that love by sharing Jesus with others.  And give that love to God.  He will hear your prayers-he knows your heart when you can’t find the words. Psalm 55:22 Continue reading

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Courage is Not Found In Man [Feb 2016]

Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  In fact, he wants to take the smile off of your face and use it to wipe his nasty booty crack.  I would not put it past him to hold it up and take a sniff, just to make sure that he completed his mission by killing your joy and perseverance. Continue reading

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The Evolution of What Flies [Feb 2016]

I can honestly say that I have loved the last three days of gorgeous Texas weather.  Not being cramped up in the house.  Not listening to the kids whine because they have not had the opportunity to spread their wings … Continue reading

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Guinea Games [1-29-2016]

I have more than enough to do, without stressing about something that needs to go outside to pee and poo.  Especially if it is cold.  I don’t do the cold very well. Continue reading

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