The Road Downhill

A shoe. A dish. The dog. The bills. The kids. The cat. Any one thing can set off his conniption . It really is like watching a child throw the temper tantrum, except it’s an adult. And those are much more frightening.

I just read an article about this.

While I can see the explanation, I really think it circles back to the fact that many of these men are narcissists (Women can be too) . I’m by no means downplaying a possible other form of mental illness. Based on personal experience, adult fits are not thrown in public. They are not usually thrown at family gatherings or at the workplace. Which means this person has control over when they choose to lose their crap.

They save that conniption for the people they are jealous of and/or believe they are “making their lives miserable” when in truth they are refusing accountability for their own demons and ego.

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