When You Can

Things have been so crazy recently that I haven’t had time to volunteer the way I’d like. I always have my kids do it with me when possible. I want them to see the importance of supporting their community and people you don’t know.

So I came across an ad challenging you to “shop blind” and all the sale proceeds go to eye disease research. I loved this idea because it gives you a chance to be truly giving and truly grateful. I am adding the video my daughter helped me put together. She should so be a spokesperson haha!

So I use the blanket on my bed every night. It’s great quality and I have to wrestle with the dogs to use it. The beanie is so fun-if my daughter is willing to share. ❤️

Here is the link. The challenge runs through Dec 7, and the also have a visible store. Though I like the challenge more.


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  1. She’s a natural on the camera. That is a good idea

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