Not Like Snow White

Is there really a difference between self admiration and self adoration?

What is it about a person that makes them think they are better than someone else? How can you look in the mirror and actually believe you are above others? How does a narcissistic individual yell at people about the Bible and it’s word but be so blasphemous with it behind doors?

The judgements placed upon every other individual is beyond normal, realistic expectations. Yet the self adoring narcissist walks in a fictional world where everyone else is to blame for their poor choices, their downfalls, and to hear them say it, their misery. No typo. We are burdens, thieves of joy, bloodsuckers, takers, not sure if I missed anything.

But their stories are always better than yours. They overcame more, they were more of a hero, etc. They showed that other person who was right-and it was them. Violence seems to be the go to answer to fix the world. So tired of hearing, “100 years ago they…”

But we don’t live 100 years ago. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Self adoration is basically denial of truth. Pretty much denial of accountability and some of us pay the price that you don’t see.

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