Evil Within

As gruesome as this seems to be, it is right on point. We are going through a series right now on the book of James. Yesterday, we focused on what the words we speak can do, and how what comes from our mouth comes from our heart.

The book of James is a very straightforward message. In regards to our words, they show what we carry in our hearts. Especially during times of frustration and anger. Hey seriously think about how many times people yell at the drivers around them. That’s not to say they’re not driving safely, but ultimately who gets upset? And who ends up using horrible words? And what about when we argue with a fool? It’s like arguing with the brick wall but sometimes we’re so annoyed by their lack of willingness to listen, our words become no better.

And biting it can hurt. I have a friend who tells me that if you don’t respond to it then you won’t have anything to apologize for. Obviously we don’t always get that right. But I can tell you that I have felt happy conviction and I’m trying very hard to be better about minding my words. Not that I don’t try to watch them anyway, but these days we all need an extra reminder. I’d rather be quiet and try to have a conversation with someone that I know it’s going to lead to argument. And during the argument I know that I have the ability to say something I shouldn’t. So it’s better for me not to say anything.

But I have noticed though even in less than 24 hours, is in paying attention to peoples other words not just mine, the amount of negativity is overwhelming. It is constant complaining. We can all be frustrated but that frustration should not drag out over hours and days etc. If we are allowing that to happen and we need to be on our knees and/or reaching out to someone to love us through it.

Here’s the link to the sermon from yesterday. Definitely stirring my spirit.



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