Running Empty

Up way too early this Saturday. Animals had to pee. Of course they even know to go to mom. I had to stop my 2nd migraine preventative due to allergic reaction, so the beginning of one has begun.

I have a photo shoot this morning, and now I’m nervous my brain is gonna mess it up. I have to take my meds or I can’t function. But this could open doors and I need to do a good job. Gonna fill my 3rd cup.

And my house is chaos. Why does reorganization have to begin as a disaster? I really need that extra day between Saturday and Sunday that doesn’t exist.

Beyond that and my normal to do, I’m sure I’m missing something. Maybe more coffee will help me remember. One can hope.

Praying you all have a fabulous weekend!

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4 Responses to Running Empty

  1. lois says:

    That extra day between Saturday and Sunday?! Super idea! We need to figure out that one!

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  2. Ju-Lyn says:

    Goodness! Hope you are having a better week!

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