Lazy or Overwhelmed?

This last week has been too much. Personally anyway.

About 3-4 weeks ago I got a sinus cold; again. I let it rides it’s course with otc meds as needed. Well about the same time I noticed this pain in my right side. Annoying as it would come and go. Sometimes dull sometimes sharp. I really didn’t pay too much attention as a serious thought. Having irritable bowel syndrome I assumed it was along those lines.

A week and a half ago, my sinus crap returned. But this time it wasn’t getting better. My ears were on fire, and my whole body ached. Mostly my bones and my spine. Very weird. I knew something was “off” so I made a doctor appt to attend after the dentist. Cause you know how I roll-my crown fell off and I’ve looked like a pirate for two weeks. Top eye tooth. Not attractive. That’s another story.

This past Saturday I had gotten worse. The pain in my side was still there, and I had started having bouts of swelling in my stomach. Again I figured that part was an IBS response to the side pain.

I took myself to urgent care Saturday. The nurses were great. Then the Dr. came in. He was fully shielded and while he was doing the exam to check my ears, etc it was quite obvious he was trying to keep his distance. We settled on a sinus infection and since my urine sample was clear, he would not discuss my stomach any further. I left feeling full of frustration. I tried to be grateful I got the meds for my sinus infection. At least then I could go to the dentist.

Yesterday came and I still went to my regular doctor. I knew something was not right, and in the course of my appointment my stomach ballooned up. She was immediately concerned as we discussed my symptoms and what it could be. I got a steroid injection for my sinus infection, and we are running bloodwork. I also have to get an X-ray asap as we are testing for diverticulosis. She started me on a special acid reducing pill-if I respond then that’s most likely the case. It is treatable with lots of antibiotics.

I can’t help but feel unheard by the urgent care Dr. He was in a hurry and appeared uninterested. Part of my is angry that he was so dismissive and part of me wonders if he was just in a hurry. Honestly it doesn’t matter. How many other serious issues have been overlooked with others?

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7 Responses to Lazy or Overwhelmed?

  1. Doctors easily get annoyed with patients putting many questions may be relevant or irrelevant that patient can’t differentiate.
    Better doctors are sympathetic and empathetic.
    Answer the relevant questions of patient and see to that the pain is alleviated with soothing words and proper treatment.
    Wishing you speedy recovery my friend.
    Take care.

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  2. Michelle says:

    Hoping you feel better soon and get the answers you need!

    It’s really hard to find a good Dr these days. My doctor left and since then I’ve felt unheard and put off. It’s like they’re only there for the paycheck, not the patients.

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  3. I stopped seeing doctors and found a really good nurse practitioner. She is caring, listens to me and treats my ailments. I hope you feel better.

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