Kammie’s Oddball Challenge

Adam’s got the muffin top roll🤣
Our STEAM activity Monday was making porcupines. Of course we added faces.
I didn’t have any chocolate. So I just used the watermelon as a self made bowl.
I really really need this shirt.
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6 Responses to Kammie’s Oddball Challenge

  1. Holly says:

    😂 I absolutely love these Kammie! You made me smile! I must admit, that shirt IS great! And Adam… he just stole my heart! 😁

    Sending you so much love and many hugs my friend!

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  2. Marsha says:

    My cat has the opposite problem from the cat you photographed. He’s way too skinny. Here are my oddball photos. Thanks for hosting this challenge. https://alwayswrite.blog/2022/03/19/how-do-you-make-green-coffee/

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