The Weekly Smile

This last week hasn’t been great. It could be worse so I’m holding on to that.

I have come to find out that only people who are real will be there for you. I already knew that, but I had quite the shock to learn that I’m not good enough for someone after years. While I am devastated because it impacts my life in multiple ways, I am trusting that God has a better plan. He’s not surprised. So one day at a time.

I did get a smile this week though. I had my first newborn photo shoot. It was a mini session (30 min) which worked out because after that she was done lol. Here’s one of my favorites..

Princess is 2 weeks old, and that paci had to be used. You go with what you need to. The entire family was fabulous and I feel very blessed.

My oldest turned 19 this past Friday! We had dinner last night, though I still need to get him a gift. He’s been faithfully saving his money, and bought himself a motorcycle yesterday. That was his smile. Mama isn’t really excited. Now he’s talking about the service. I asked if he was trying to kill me. *sigh*

Oh there is one more thing! My middle son likes to wear these play glasses I have for my daycare kids. He asked if he could wear them for his Spring school picture and I said sure. I can’t wait to see them haha! Below is a picture to give you an idea.

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1 Response to The Weekly Smile

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Glad you found something to smile about. I’m sure the infant shoot was great. Birthdays are always good. Interesting about the glasses, though in ways I can relate – when I was in high school, I was the only kid to wear a hat (non-baseball hat…) until later when some underclassmen started wearing them in imitation. Sometimes we have to make our own mark.

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