Failure to Thrive

Being transparent is not easy. In fact, you lose people and get judged because they simply don’t believe the things you say. Because sometimes your story sounds so unreal. Because from their point of view the answer is simple and you are an idiot.

I’ve been in counseling for almost a month now. My 14 year old just had his second session, and my 8 year old starts next week. The negativity is ubiquitous and it’s stunting our mental well being.

Not that it’s noticeable in my posts. I work very hard to try to balance things for them. But I’m only one person and I’m not treading water too well lately. At least not internally. I’m not giving up and I recognize the need for help, but it’s hard to dodge the thorny forest on a daily basis. And to see your kids trying to do it makes them poke deeper.

As I would love to continue, I cannot. It’s time to get them out of bed for school. Prayers always welcomed and appreciated.

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4 Responses to Failure to Thrive

  1. Michelle says:

    Sending up prayers for you and your kids! And sending big hugs your way!

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  2. lois says:

    The people who think you are an idiot are nuts. I wish there was a way to steer clear of them and the thorny forest. Hugs to you, Kammie.

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