You Don’t Live Here

I love that Jesus will tell people you can’t throw that stone unless you’ve never sinned yourself. Because we are all sinners. We all mess up, we all need Jesus, and we all need God’s Grace.

I think people get a little confused however when it comes to this and domestic violence. And this doesn’t always mean physical abuse.

Emotional/mental/financial abuse is at the top of the list. Here’s what you people outside the walls get. Common courtesy. Sense of rationale, charm, perception of financial freedom, church goer or knowledge of the Bible, boasts of community involvement, carefree loving and doting attitude toward family; a regular great guy/girl all around.

Here’s what the people on the inside of the walls get-none of that. A constant barrage of complaints about how they aren’t getting enough, there’s not enough money, they don’t attend church, scripture is twisted and used as a weapon, belittling, snide insults, and constantly pushing and pushing and then finally the other person breaks.

Guess where the blame goes? Not to the narcissist. Not to the abuser. Nah. Why?

Too often the good guys are just playing dress up in plain sight.

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2 Responses to You Don’t Live Here

  1. XingfuMama says:

    So very, very true. And many of them use the church and the Bible as part of their weaponry.

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