Not To Me

This one here

Let’s look at that-

It’s indescribable

How you just know

Which one to choose-

But on that day

It was different-

We picked it

Round and plump and perfect-

And in those next moments of joy

Sadness stole the show-

And my friend was gone

Just like that-

So I put that pumpkin on my porch

As a tribute to him-

And this morning it was there

So he was too-

But this afternoon

It had disappeared-

Ripped from my stoop

Gone from my sight-

How ludicrous that someone

Be so bold and uncaring-

They didn’t just thieve a pumpkin

They hijacked what tiny piece of you I felt I had left-

And down the road they smashed it-

They destroyed that pumpkin

And unknowingly took away

My last smiles with you.

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