Here to There

I used to question my mental status. And I’m being real right now. I was always calling myself crazy or asking if I was. Because when you hear it enough, doubt forms. You begin to wonder if you really are overreacting. Are you really taking the lies and disrespect out of proportion? Is your reality distorted?

Truth be told it can be. Fortunately mine is not. It has taken a long time, but I can say for the most part I don’t call my self crazy anymore. Being truthful, clearheaded, logical, empathetic, and knowing unstable is not crazy. Calling it out is when you become branded and attacked. And that is brutality my friends.

See I had to learn that it was my response to someone else’s crazy that made me question myself. I had never dealt with it before so I had no idea how to react. So in standing up, I was acting no better. I was going to battle the demons with no fear. All it did was drain my spirit.

Do I get it right every time? No. But I get it right most of the time. Which pisses off the true crazy and they always start throwing those daggers. The ones that do more than scratch; they gash. And I have to remember God doesn’t say those things about me.

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