Awful Reminders

I’ve spent most of this weekend in migraine mode. Nothing I can think of triggered it. I know how horrible they are, but it became pretty vivid to me when I found this picture my daughter took in my phone. It’s not flattering by any means.

From my understanding, someone had turned the light on, which obviously did not go over well with me. She had my phone and made this. I have no recollection of this incident. There’s a good possibility I won’t remember writing this tomorrow.

This is not how I want my kids to remember me. It makes me sad for them. She got one thing right; prayers are very much appreciated.

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5 Responses to Awful Reminders

  1. trentpmcd says:

    😦 Hope the migraines go away!

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  2. Dale says:

    So terribly sorry for you. My sister suffers horribly from migraines.
    Just thought you might want to link this post to the host, Sammi’s post!

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