Kammie’s Oddball Challenge

I’ve only ever seen a gecko alive. My daughter found these remains in the backyard and I’m fascinated at all the details God put into everything.
Ok well my daughter once again gets credit. She’s yelling at me from the restroom and I’m running, which I don’t do, cause I think something is wrong. Once I get there, she points out that one of our cats peed in the shape of a heart. So glad I lost my breath for that.
Cookie seems to like her new house 🤣🤣
This is a story about Texas. And how I lit my citronella candle, bathed in deet, and still had to come in because I was being eaten by the angry female mosquitoes that reside here. I was quite annoyed.
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5 Responses to Kammie’s Oddball Challenge

    • So first, I find it interesting that both are found in the same place as they are so different. The first one; I feel like it may be a child with a toy? But why the bald head? The second one. Well she just looks mad lol!

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  2. Indira says:

    Nice pics. Loved the cat.

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