Still Learning

All year off and on, my daughter was coming home from school upset because someone was making fun of her again. I’ve never seen such a mean group of kids. And at 8 I’m already working harder on modesty than I imagined.

So a beautiful friend suggested this devotional set. I really am enjoying it. It takes the world’s views and expectations and easily shows the scriptures that prove them wrong. It’s affirmation for her that I’m not just mom saying God made her perfectly, etc. It is simple for her to understand and learn that every piece of her was created by God with a purpose.

Here’s the challenge I’m finding myself in. As I write this, I realize the conflict is really the Holy Spirit working in me. As I sit there, working to make sure she knows her worth and value, I’m challenged by the fact that I struggle with these things myself. Now I make sure not to say them out loud as that would discourage and confuse her.

But I mean how hypocritical can you get? I know these things it talks about. I know whose opinion matters. But I must not fully believe them if I’m in the same battle I’m working to keep my girl out of. I really don’t know how to put it into words; because they’re more an overwhelming sense of emotions and turmoil. (Empath extra)

So I am reserving myself to the fact that she and I will both learn from this study. That we will both be stronger and closer to the one who made us as he wants us.

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4 Responses to Still Learning

  1. lois says:

    Mean girls at 8 yrs old….that is a shame. I hope these books help…both of you.

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  2. You and your daughter have each other and that is a wonderful thing

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