The Weekly Smile

The barometric pressure changed Thursday warning of the upcoming rain. This triggers my migraines, so it’s been quite a weekend trying to function.

The biggest smile came from my daughter’s birthday party this past Saturday. We had it out at the lake; though it was windy and overcast it was perfect. Simple old school party. The kids swam, played in the sand on the volleyball court, and ran a lot! The turnout was great and it was nice to be “normal.”

It is scheduled to rain all week. Yuck. I’m hoping it clears out early as I am working all day Saturday doing pictures-pending this weather.

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2 Responses to The Weekly Smile

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter. Sounds like a nice little party, though a little early for swimming (around here at least 😉 ). Hope the migraines skip this time.

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