When Can I Sleep

It’s not enough to close these eyes,

And turn off all the lights-

Because my thinking doesn’t have an off switch,

And darkness brings the fights-

The worries march forth,

With the “what if’s” next in line-

Row three is that anxiety,

With hurt and anger flaunting flashing signs-

Scenarios play out,

From then and now and not just yet-

Wounds ripped open new ones formed,

And hopelessness has now adorned-

Tired would be my friend,

If solid sleep I got-

But instead I’m ragged and thin,

From the lack of peace I sought.


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4 Responses to When Can I Sleep

  1. Sometimes things that were not a big deal during the day come to full life at bedtime.


  2. I’ve known many a night like these. Brain refuses to shut up and brings worries, trials and tribulations into full colourful screaming loud life. Sleep will never come like that. I hope you get some good rest soon!

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