The Weekly Smile 5/10/21

It has been nutty to say the least. I lost the election, and while I was pretty upset at first I know God has better timing and plans. So if it is His will, I will run again next year. I’ve had many people already wanting me to run again, so that encourages me to smile.

I was finally able to get some cap and gown pics of my son. While he gave me grief, they turned out pretty good I thought. He makes me smile. Even though he’s a moody kinda guy.

My daughter had her dance recital Saturday and I love seeing her so happy in her element. This is her second season in Polynesian Dance. She’s wavering on staying or trying ballet. Her classes are through a local church and it’s amazing what they do!

Her grandma ironed her dress-when I told her it had discolored it she couldn’t see it. Until afterwards… but you couldn’t tell on stage, and then we did some fun photos in the prayer garden after.

Oh and then there was Mother’s Day. It went ok. I got some gardening in. I sat outside most of the day enjoying the weather and the birds of course. Then the kids and I cleaned the house so we could eat out. While waiting to be seated, my girl wanted an impromptu photo shoot. I only had my phone, but we did pretty good.

As for me, I’ve most likely got a sinus infection. Which triggers migraines. But one kid went today for theirs, and another goes tomorrow. It’s that time of year here in Texas. Tonight it was raining and cold, so dinner was pure comfort food. Chicken pot pie.

Oh and Saturday before my sons cap and gown shoot, I had a family shoot. I love these people. They are just infectious with joy.

The picture of only the two of them is the first one they’ve had since they adopted their son who is about to graduate! I was so honored to take it.

My girl turns 8 on Wednesday. Her party is Saturday. I have another senior photo shoot Sunday afternoon. My senior finds out if he was chosen for a paid summer internship for his HVAC on Wednesday too. Prayers please as this is a huge opportunity. My middle adhd kid has me questioning many things, especially my parenting. He needs so much more one on one than I’m able to give him, and therein lies mom guilt. All the fur babies are good and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. 😝

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6 Responses to The Weekly Smile 5/10/21

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Sorry about the election, but it sounds like a good week otherwise (as long as you avoid the migraine!). In some ways it seems like your graduating son and your daughter are personality opposites – you say he’s moody and she seems very gregarious. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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  2. That sure is a lot to smile about! Where about in Texas do you live? I’m in the City of Richland Hills, btw Haltom City and North Richland Hills -basically edge of Fort Worth.

    What seat were you running for?

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  3. Sounds like your week was eventful. Forget the election; what a glorious family. 😊


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