The Weekly Smile – Week of April 5th

I think I missed last week-and I mean I missed last week. Most of it was spent in migraine hell, so functioning was not optimal. Neither the pharmacy nor I could get the doctor’s office to respond to refill my meds, so I was trying all kinds of things. By Thursday I just couldn’t and I had to have my parents pick up their kids from daycare.

Finally by noonish Saturday something I did worked. And then I got the message that my prescription had been refilled. Not to mention I wasn’t even in Texas to get it. I was quite cranky.

That being said, we went to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time. I also captured some pretty pictures, of course.

Easter Sunday we did a lot of exploring around Lake Murray where we were camping. Not only did the Bunny visit, but she got to hunt eggs in the forest! To me that is way cool! We also came across a goose nest with mama sitting diligently and daddy not far at any given time.

Oh! I did manage last week to get my campaign flyers ordered for mailing! This is the back-

This week I have meet and greets after work, photo shoots, my son’s prom, and something else I can’t remember. 🤔. Maybe I can get some laundry done?

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3 Responses to The Weekly Smile – Week of April 5th

  1. trentpmcd says:

    the migraines sound awful! Love the eagle photo. I’m sure your daughter knows that there are some eggs that you don’t try to gather, unless you want to fight a wild goose 😉 I hope you have a better week this week!

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