The Weekly Smile 3/22/21

This past week was nuts! Kids were on spring break, but I didn’t get to do as much with them as I wanted. Still it was nice overall to have them around.

Nothing too exciting happened during the first part of the week. Daycare kids have spring fever though.

Friday evening was my first group meet and greet for my campaign. It was good and awkward. Lots of friends and family came to support, but few people in the community showed. Add that to my list of things to work on. But my biggest supporter was with me, so I have no complaints.

I was up early Saturday to do a surprise birthday shoot for a wonderful lady and her daughter who turned 12. She got a horse! I also figured out real quick that my fantasy pics were not happening. Horses have their own ideas. Still I managed to get some good ones.

I went from there to set up my own surprise party for my son who turned 18. Spongbob Surprise was a success!! He had no idea and I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen him smile so much in one day!

Sunday was filled with errands and filling out campaign questionnaires i’m trying to make sure I get them in before the deadline.

This week I have to get labels printed and start handing out my push cards. In the spare time that I don’t have LOL.

I am waiting for a call from a local city to see if I get the opportunity to do pictures for their soccer teams. That would be a huge opportunity he could potentially open the other doors. I have visions of being able to do photography full-time. One door at a time.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something but prayers for everyone to have a great week!

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6 Responses to The Weekly Smile 3/22/21

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Sounds like a good, busy week. That girl looks super happy with her gift, even if the horse had its own ideas about posing for photos 😉 And your son looks happy. Good luck with your campaign.

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  2. Astrid says:

    Happy 18th to your son! I’m so glad he thoroughly enjoyed his surprise party.

    Ah, horses and their own smart ways, how funny!

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  3. dawnkinster says:

    Well that was a pretty great week you had there! Love the horse with the wind in it’s mane…and for some reason, love the balloon too!

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