The Weekly Smile 3/15/2021

It has been a crazy week!

Running for this city council seat has taken some interesting turns. There’s drama, and then there is completely psycho. In this small town it’s heading toward the latter. so I am doing my best to maintain my individuality, and work on meeting people. Which is easier said than done since I work full-time. And part time. And parent. I’m not even sure how I can still see straight.

Saturday I met with someone from the community for six hours. it was extremely informative. And definitely motivated my passion to continue.

Yesterday we drove up to Lake Murray Oklahoma to find our camping spot. We will get to have our first camping weekend in the beginning of April and I cannot wait. While we were there, I did a mini photo shoot with my daughter. She asked me to do her spring pictures instead of doing them at the school. And I’d much rather do that and pay for my own prints then get some cheesy crazy school pictures. At least this year I’ve been less than impressed. We incorporated Easter into them as well.

By posting some of these on my photo Facebook page and sharing them on their local city page, I have landed a photo shoot next Saturday morning. it will be my first one taking pictures with a horse. This could be interesting. I will be taking a step ladder but I’m hoping they have a regular ladder LOL!

And then of course my son turned 18! It’s hard to believe we’ve gone from the picture above to him about to graduate high school.

I do not remember much of this past week to be honest with you. There’s just so much happening. This week I should be meeting with more people, and I have my son surprise party on Saturday evening. And I think somewhere in there I’m missing something LOL.!

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4 Responses to The Weekly Smile 3/15/2021

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Looks like a pretty area – I’m sure you are looking forward to the camping trip. I have no wish or desire to ever get into local politics for many of the reasons you bring up! I hope the photo shoot with the horse goes well.

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