Bad Words

This is my resolution. I realize it’s a want-but isn’t that what a resolution is? Things we want to do but rarely end up completing.

Resolution might as well be a curse word. We are placing extreme expectations on ourselves and then if we don’t live up to them, we make our dry feel miserable and tell ourselves we are failures.

Well those are bad words. While I can’t do all of these things immediately, I can set small goals. I drink coffee every morning. I create beautiful photographs . I do not sleep as much as I need to. And none of these usually happen in the same day.

So I will drink my coffee and thank God for waking up. I will pursue my love of photography and thank God for the talent he has given me, and work on being patient for the day it can become my career. And I will sleep as I can, and be thankful for what I get.

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