The Weekly Smile 12/14/20

Ups and downs the last few weeks. I miss writing daily, interacting and looking forward to the comments.

Let’s see what has taken place over the last few weeks-my daughter had a sinus infection which caused almost an entire week gone from school. We tried to keep up online, but no matter what we did we unable to log in. Technology is not always a technically challenged person’s friend.

She was feeling up to being my guinea pig today❤️

The weather changed suddenly and the migraine came with it. I took the pill but not the muscle relaxer. So I woke a few hours later not only with the migraine, but a series of weird symptoms. Chest and body heaviness, not feeling like I could breathe-apparently these are normal side effects of the meds. Since I usually take the muscle relaxer with it I sleep through it and I’m glad! After speaking with the doctor after hours, I went in the following day for an ekg. My migraine didn’t go away until this afternoon-so almost 5 days. On a positive note, the ekg showed an irregular heartbeat. While it seems to correct itself, it warrants a visit with a cardiologist. Better to find it now and fix it if need be.

I had my first maternity shoot. It was a mini session, and was quite interesting. I’m not completely happy with it, so I’m kind of hoping they want a do over LOL. Sometimes I’m learning you have to work with what you have.

But super sweet family and it helped me recognize where I need to work. Here are some of my faves-

I did get this in my email today-I don’t expect much. But to get kudos from peers lifts the spirit.

I already have two photo shoots booked for January, so that is exciting!

I promised I would show some of the good ones from the family Christmas shoot I did! It’s always fun to work with people you know. Here are a few!

I’m looking forward to what doors are going to open. Not sure what they are yet, but baby steps are steps and I’m thankful.

And we leave Saturday to drive up quickly to Colorado and get some of my grandmother’s belongings. I’m grateful to see the house one more time.

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6 Responses to The Weekly Smile 12/14/20

  1. dprastka says:

    Your daughter is adorable and I’m happy feeling better. And I hope your migraines don’t come back. I don’t suffer from them but I know from friends they can be debilitating! And it is good to have that heart irregularity checked out too!! Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead! Diana ❤️

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    I would think in today’s world they would make it super easy even for the technically-challenged to get on! Sorry she was sick and missed school, though I do like the photos you took of her. The photos of the maternity shoot that you shared are nice – I particularly like the belly/Christmas package. And the family shots are cute. Not good to have an irregularity but good to catch it and figure out what is going on. i hope you have a good week (no migraines!!) this week.

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  4. dawnkinster says:

    Here’s hoping for a better 2021. I hope your daughter (and you!) are feeling better today. I love all your photos, I bet your clients do too.


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