The Weekly Smile 10/26/20

I’m so far behind on my writing! It’s been a busy busy week and I am not really ready for this one.

I can’t honestly remember past last Friday so that’s where we will start. My Senior had his last Homecoming Football Game. It’s bittersweet for sure. He did accommodate me and let me get some pictures.

After he left, I got myself ready to go meet with a friend and meet new people. I’d like to say I’m an extrovert-but lately the thought of being with people exhausts me. Once I’m there I’m good. I’m glad I went because I met some wonderful people, and I may have the chance for some photography work.

Saturday we were up bright and early to go help plant trees for our cities Arbor Day Celebration. I was able to get tons of pictures, meet a few new people, plant some trees, and have my kids get involved in our community. It was really fun.

Afterwards, we went home to take a short break and get cleaned up and get ready for my nieces birthday party. She turned one – can’t believe it already.

Sunday was finally able to go to church!! Felt so good to be back! Afterward just did some housecleaning and was able to finally sit down and work on one of my projects.

Hope you all have a great week!

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2 Responses to The Weekly Smile 10/26/20

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Does sound like a very busy weekend!

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