The Weekly Smile 10/5/20

It’s been a crazy week. This past Saturday yielded no accomplishments since both my daughter and I were hit hard with sinus issues.

However , I was able to medicate us enough to go and celebrate with the family for my mom’s birthday. I felt bad for her though. She was at the dentist 3 hours the day before, which I am personally very familiar with, and her mouth was too sore to eat much. She managed a big bowl of soup, and a few cocktails! (She rarely drinks) So even with the discomfort she was able to enjoy herself.

I’m not one for selfies, and feeling poopy means no makeup. But I did get a real smile from my 12 year old and that was totally worth it.

My daughter decorated her own bucket, and came up with a plan on her own to help raise money for the homeless. She calls this her angel bucket. I’m so thankful to see the seeds reaping slowly.

I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to check, so if you already know about my son’s first football game please humor me. It was last Monday and it felt good to be back. So he went out twice as a special teams and I’m hoping he’ll get more play time this week. He’s never played, so it’s a learning process.

I did post some pics and tag the district, to which I received an email from the middle school principal asking if some of the pics could be used in the yearbook. Bonus.

On Tuesday, I was able to go my oldest son’s Tennis game. He didn’t win but it was awesome to see him play. I found a local community college where I think he can continue to play. The high school coach is a nice guy-but not a good coach.

The end of the week brought some not so cool issues with my daughter and a boy at school. To the degree that they were treating it lightly until I asked at what point CPS and/or the authorities are brought in. He is to have no contact with my daughter, not be around her, and I’m praying he’s getting some help. No 7 year old should be saying the things he said. And no school counselor should be treating it as if it’s nothing.

Today I’m praying for her to feel safe. And keep spreading her love.

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5 Responses to The Weekly Smile 10/5/20

  1. Hammad Rais says:

    Lovely smiles for this week and I wish to you and your family to keep on smiling like this😊

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    Glad you got to see both of your sons play their respective sports. Sorry you and your daughter had sinus issues. Happy B-day to your mom 🙂 Helping with the homeless is always a noble effort. I’m sorry there was the issue with your daughter – yes, they need to make sure the boy knows exactly why it was wrong and why never to do it again.

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