Up until recently I’ve tried to stay out of politics. But my school district has suddenly decided that they are God, and they can do whatever they want.

My 7th grader has decided to play football this year. Normally I would only be the regular supportive/worried mom. Currently, I wait for my kid to come home and pass out because they make the kids exercise indoors and outdoors with a mask. He’s dazed, overheated, and his face is overwhelmingly splotches trying to practice with something covering his mouth and nose.

As you know, my youngest hates school. It’s as I’ve said, a prison. You know what she did in class yesterday? Listen to a song about wearing a mask! It is infuriating! The teachers can’t teach. They sit alone at lunch. They are on a damn Chromebook all day. And before you say the “well you can keep her home” crap, don’t you think I would if I was able? When I signed her up for school, there was no mask. I was assured the teachers could teach and she wouldn’t be on a tablet all day. All of which were lies.

My senior is struggling to keep up. His class rank has already come down from being in the top 10 to being 21. This effects his ability to be in National Honor Society. It affects his NHSS status. The schedules change so much we can’t keep it straight. Because of the bullshit, his dual credit course takes him away from in class learning for his Physics and English and Math. And he can’t learn properly trying to learn these online. Because there’s no one to ask for help.

Write your school board I’m told. Oh I have. And they clam up-they outright ignore my questions, my emails, my concerns as a tax paying parent. Write your local legislation. I have. Same thing. Silence. Write your governor. I have. No response.

I pray so hard for these ego inflated people to open their eyes. These “rules” are not mandates. Suggestions are not mandatory. And nowhere can I find where it says children should exercise in a flipping mask. And when I ask to be shown, I’m ignored. And as far as I’m concerned, being ignored by these people is one of the biggest instances of disrespect and disregard you can show to a parent.

It’s time for new people with a true concern for our kids to be appointed to this board. It’s time this Superintendent stops being allowed to belittle others. It’s time to castrate the selfishness, and get some people on there who have a true passion to do the right thing.

Sadly-while I’ve heard so many others with the same frustrations they won’t speak out. I don’t get it. This is our future being trained for Socialism. Communism. How can you be so upset but stay so quiet? There’s a reason there’s the saying “it takes a village.” It’s time to be that village.

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2 Responses to Castration

  1. Alison says:

    Sounds very frustrating for you ..that’s one thing I do not miss and that’s the school years
    Let’s hope it’s better next year

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