I was totally loving the creativity I threw into dinner. I had my oldest son grill the brisket burgers. I sautéed fresh spinach, white onions, and cranberries. I baked the bacon on my large bar pan at 350 degrees until crispy. 30 minutes I think? But watching the video you can see most of it. Everyone loved them. My middle son had a friend for dinner and I got compliments from his mom-her son apparently loved the onions. And I was super impressed with myself when she said he doesn’t even like onions! I’ve cooked all week so far. Another feat I’ve been slacking on. Cause I have just been too tired. So not slacking-cause I’m far from lazy. Let’s see if I can get through another day….

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2 Responses to Self-Love

  1. Looks delicious! 😋🌟😊

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