The Weekly Smile 9/7/20

The beginning of the week was crazy as usual. School, drama, work. Me trying to contain myself as her teacher showed hesitation to believe that my daughter can “comprehend” the 4th grade reading level books she is reading. After all, she’s only in 2nd grade. Ugh. But just like last year, I have to wait until her reading assessment and they realize she’s not everyone else they want to put in the box. Ugh again.

But Friday night after all my daycare kids went home, we packed up and headed to our campsite in Durant, Oklahoma. We didn’t go to bed until 11-but my girl woke up at 6:30am! Nonetheless, it was a chill day. We went up the road to Texoma State Park to do some swimming and hiking. Lake swimming can be tricky-but the water was great and the bottom was sandy. Only I managed to find what few rocks there were to step on.

This is my fave of the kids. It was an unexpected moment and I’m so blessed to have captured it.

I was arms length to this guy. I’m not sure what happened to his foot, but he has adapted to it. He groomed, waddled away in the water, and flew off with his buddy a short time later. Of course I wanted to snuggle with him! Yes I refrained from traumatizing him further.

Sunday, we surprised my boys’ great grandmother with a visit. She and her oldest have a house here in Durant and I reached out to him to see if we could come by. The kids were able to swim, I was able to get some cooking hints from grandma, and it was a great heartfelt time.

This morning I’m sitting outside with my coffee, alone, listening to the trains in the distance. I’m so not ready to go back. But I never am.

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3 Responses to The Weekly Smile 9/7/20

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Seems like some information about students should be passed from grade to grade as they move up, like if they are an exceptional reader… Sounds like a great weekend, and everyone had big smiles when the kids and their great-grandmother got together 🙂

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