Have Coffee Will Travel

I am sitting outside our little slot here at the KOA in Durant, OK. My favorite coffee cup and sunrise. And alone. At least until my daughter finds me.

My morning view is the moon to my left…

And a beautiful sunrise to my right.

Today the plan is simply to run up the road to Texoma state park and do some hiking and swimming. this evening we will cross the street and have dinner at the casino. To which I’ve never done. But our camping spot came with a buy one get one free so why not.

Tomorrow we will travel a very short distance to surprise the kids’ great grandmother for a visit and some swimming – and from there we will just wing it.

And she found me….

And now someone who went to bed too late and woke up way too early is in meltdown mode because we’re going to swim in the river and not a swimming pool. Because she can’t see underwater in the river. Y’all please pray for me today. 🤪


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5 Responses to Have Coffee Will Travel

  1. Enjoy your getaway, I’m sure it feels great since we are stuck home so much

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  2. see my parents, if we dared have meltdowns 🙂 would have told us… you, swimming in the river? No they don’t allow kids your size to swim in the river. You know like the you must be this tall to ride this ride. Yeah no river swimming for you. Because they knew whatever we “couldn’t” do is exactly what we wanted to do. 🙂

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