Stupid Koolaid

Today the kids went back to school. They were all excited, especially my youngest who is in second grade. The morning began like this-

All day I was worried about them. Not because I think their at risk. But because the crazy has infected my school district. Not the majority of teachers. Not most of the parents. But the admins.

My oldest said it was ok, but he was bored. My middle schooler said it was not too bad, and his advanced English teacher is his new all time favorite. Oh and he’s going to try football. Oof.

But my youngest left full of anticipation, and came home begging not to go back. The district assured me they would not be stuck in front of a chrome book all day. Yet she was. Her class kept getting in trouble cause they couldn’t all sit still in their desks for hours. And the only thing she came home with was that all they talked about was mask wearing and social distancing. The trip to the library?

Her seesaw response?

They are imprisoned out of political fear. PE and recess are not mask safe in my opinion. And others. Like the WHO. Our children are not required to wear a mask by state order if they are under 10. But then our fabulous (eye roll included) AG left it to County Discretion. And our district has been drinking the bureaucratic bs koolaid from the locals. You know-the numbers that don’t add up? The misinformed positives? “Oops that was the flu. Oh-you’re positive.” Though the person was never tested.

They’ve lost their damned minds. And no-none of the local surrounding schools are doing this. My youngest is a learner. She needs to be engaged. And I was promised she would get those things. And the hardest part is trying to figure out if I can bring her back home AND do my job.

I understand some people want to live in fear. Some people are staying away due to underlying health issues. But this is my family and I should be able to make that choice! I don’t want my kids to go to school to learn to be afraid of something. I don’t want them to learn they can’t live their life because someone else says so.

And all I can do is keep writing and calling the government officials who are supposed to represent me, though they ignore those emails and phone calls.

My brain hurts. And I want to drink the untainted water even though it’s obviously no longer being served in my city.

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4 Responses to Stupid Koolaid

  1. They look so good for their first day 🙂 I feel like they have grown so much! Duh, I know kids do grow but I am still so in awe of it for some reason. I thought the “advice” was that wearing mask during physical exercise like PE is not to be done.

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  2. Gee Jen says:

    I’m sorry to hear your not happy with the schooling ☹️ as a lucky Australian whose kids were only required to have one full week off school (and holidays), can I curiously ask about case numbers in your area? Other restrictions?


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