Saturday and Coffee

She woke me up by saying, “ happy amazing Mom day!” so much nicer than the sound of my alarm.

And then she insisted on helping make my coffee in one of my favorite cups of course. ❤️

This is my current view as many of you have seen before. I am definitely enjoying sitting out in the front yard with a slight breeze and the humidity is not 100% yet.

I need to get a haircut but I really just wanna be lazy. This last week kicked my butt with the migraine and the ER visit because of it. I need to switch out and clean the frog tank and the hamster cage. But I am so doing that later.

Other than that and picking up groceries I really don’t have anything planned. While it feels amazing I also feel like I’m missing something.

We will see what the day holds. Have a blessed day!

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3 Responses to Saturday and Coffee

  1. Hannah Keene says:

    Definitely a sweet way to start the day. And your fog mug is wonderful! 🙂

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