Not So Silly

So with my daycare kids, I try to make things fun. Yesterday was “embrace your geekiness day” but I don’t want my kids or anyone else’s to look at themselves like that. As an adult, I’m okay saying I’m a nerd. I changed it up a bit…

So I see that in reading this now I forgot a word and I will fix it. But yesterday we celebrated “embrace your God given talents.” (I may have been watching Joyce Meyer the day before) Again, God places the seed when it needs to be there.

Here is what my 7 year old did….

I was pleased to see that dance was still on her list of gifts. She’s always talked about dancing for God.

In a world of negative, and sometimes when the negative resides in your home, you have to work extra hard in His strength to keep those seeds watered. ❤️

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  1. Very inspirational my friend 🙂

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