The Weekly Smile 6/29/20

Well-I’ve been gone quite a bit. For me. I have been struggling with this migraine since last Friday and it’s just now at the point I can kinda function.

This last week has been a blur of emotions. Cause there is something wrong with my…I don’t know but it’s broken. If I’m not crying, I’m cranky. Not grumpy. Like if you look at me I’m going to punch you. If you speak to me, well just don’t. It changes faster than I can blink. And hot flashes-for someone who is always cold you would think they would not bother me. Mouth ulcers, bad sleep-I’m kinda freaking out. But I go to the doctor tomorrow-I sure hope she can help!

But the following happened which put a smile on my face…

I’m just so very proud of him. I still have to get on him about stuff, but that’s my job. 🤗

I posted this picture that’s outside my front door on the bug Facebook page I’m part of. And it took off! No not thousands or hundreds, but multiple compliments on my photography and that definitely helped me feel better. they kept saying it was a National Geographic shot. So if anybody has any connections I’m all ears LOL.

And we have baby wrens!

She got up in the morning, and had me help her get set for chores! Her idea completely! it lasted two days-then she was tired 🤣

And I will say that as of Thursday I will be on a vacation! We are going to Atlanta State Park in Texas. Why? Simply because we have not been there. I have a bad habit of not wanting to go back to the places we’ve already been. they weren’t negative experiences, but there’s something else out there.

I am struggling with this vacation however because my 17-year-old son will not be joining us this year. He has been invited to stay with some friends for a week. And while I could easily pull out the mom I said so card, I gave him the option to go with us or to his friends. Yes I’m disappointed that he chose not to go. i’m not completely surprised he is 17, but my mama heart is devastated.

Told you it’s been a roller coaster. prayers that everyone’s rest of this week goes well and everyone is able to relax.

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6 Responses to The Weekly Smile 6/29/20

  1. trentpmcd says:

    I hope you feel better, and particularly feel better in time for your vacation! Great photos. The wasps (hornets?) are great, and the baby wrens very cute, but your “baby bird” is cute too, even if I have no idea what is in her hair…

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  2. Enjoy your vacation

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  3. dawnkinster says:

    I hope your doctor was able to pinpoint what’s up with you and has a solution that is easy. Congratulations on your son’s academic achievement! Your photography is WONDERFUL!! I had baby wrens this year too, but I never saw the babies. Lots of action from mom and dad though. Your little one is beautiful! Even with gloves in her hair! 🙂 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your vacation, I like to go to new places too!

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