Yes I Did

This morning I set some boundaries. For my mental and emotional health. Many may not agree-and that’s ok. I have joy knowing that not only did I set them, but I did it calmly. And that is a second victory!

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11 Responses to Yes I Did

  1. Hannah Keene says:

    Good for you, Kammie! We all (even we adults) do better and are calmer when we know what the boundaries are. Growing up in a family where one parent would not respect boundaries, I know fist hand how difficult it can be to learn how to set them myself. Congratulations!!! ❤️

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  2. Holly says:

    I’m proud of you, Kammie. God called us to love. He did not call us to be doormats for others. It is not only healthy to set boundaries but it is most certainly needed! I love the quote, “You teach people how to treat you.” It’s true, isn’t it? We have the right to step up and say, “No, I won’t accept this and I shouldn’t have to!”

    I pray more and more joy floods your soul each day as God reveals your worth and beauty to you afresh each morning. Love you Kammie. Stay well sweet friend! ♥


  3. I am proud of you 🙂 Now if I can follow in your example 🙂

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  4. I’ve been there before. You take care of you ❤️💯

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