The Weekly Smile 6/8/20

What a week!!

Most of it has been wrestling with my own mouth to keep it shut. I’m just at a loss of nice words to say to most people. Yes I’m a Christian. Which is why I haven’t said most of them. I’m also human. And I can only see/hear/watch so much foolishness.

I focused on my kids this week, and that will always help me smile. Mostly.

I took all 3 to the dentist for their cleanings. Next thing I know, my 12 year old is having 6 baby teeth pulled out. And they would not let me go back. I’m wondering how many of these people have had that kind of work done as a kid. They said he’d be fine by Sunday. ( This was Saturday. 6/6) Poor guy still can’t eat, drink through a straw, or brush the teeth he has. My heart hurts for him. He’s being a trooper, but he’s struggling.

We did manage to go swimming for the first time yesterday. I’m almost able to say I’ve taught all my kids to swim. Kensley worked really hard yesterday. And she did great!

Even starving and hurting, my almost toothless son had fun too. He can’t stand his hair, but won’t cut it. I said then no complaining lol.

One of my biggest smiles was seeing my oldest with his little sister. He had real smiles interacting with her, and even posted their group picture on his social media. Which is huge.

Today is crazy, but a friend texted me out of the blue to let me know she’s praying for me. That definitely brought a smile. We shall see what this week holds. I signed up my two youngest for online classes-dance for her and art for him. It was free and is being done where my daughter was already taking dance. I’m grateful and not sure how to make it all work. 😜

I did want to share something wonderful. Trying to explain humanity to a child is hard. Especially when it’s not been an issue in their life. Here’s what my 7 year old took away from our talk;

“So we have three cats. one is orange, one is black, and one is black and white. And they don’t care about that, they just love each other. Just like we should.”

Well said my princess. Well said.

And-my son got an attitude with the lifeguard while at the pool because he was told not to run on the diving board. (12 yo) So you know what I did? Before we left I made him apologize to her. It doesn’t matter that she’s 16, 17, or 18. She was doing her job. And will not let my kids treat people with disrespect. While it was awkward, she thanked him for the apology. I told him that in itself means a whole lot.

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8 Responses to The Weekly Smile 6/8/20

  1. poor thing with all the teeth. My son hated to go to the dentist because they always had to pull his baby teeth. Apparently when your adult teeth grown in they “eat” away the roots of the baby teeth and they fall out. His would only eat part of the root away and so theyd have to pull them. Its not pretty. I was in there when they did all his. I will spare you the details unless you really want to know 🙂 What a wonderful mom you are. And your daughters lesson learned was just perfect 🙂 The lesson you taught your son about how to treat others was also a very good one that he will carry with him 🙂 LORD, thank You for Kammie, and thank You for continuing to bless her and her family 🙂

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    Despite everything, it sounds like a lot of big smiles, except, possibly for your 12-year-old 😉 And great life lessons for the kids. And not just yours – it’s great that the teen lifeguard thanked your son for the apology, as she should have, but kids don’t always know it…

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  3. Holly says:

    Aw Kammie! I am so sorry to hear about your son having SIX baby teeth pulled. Oh God bless his heart! That had/has to hurt. How is he doing now?

    I must say, this post definitely brought a smile to my face. The group photo of your oldest with your middle and youngest absolutely warmed my heart. Genuine smiles aren’t seen nearly enough these days.

    And one of the most amazing comments I’ve ever seen is from your daughter: ““So we have three cats. one is orange, one is black, and one is black and white. And they don’t care about that, they just love each other. Just like we should.”

    Well said my princess. Well said.” — I ADORE THIS. You have obviously been teaching her correctly. Oh Lord, where would we be …. (sigh)

    I am sending endless love to you and your family. And sincerely, from the bottom of my heart — thank you for adopting those 3 little ones. Those cats are being loved so well by you and your family. Any time an animal is taken in, cared for and spoiled rotten — my heart leaps for joy! ♥

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    • Thank you honey!! My son is still unable to eat much-he can swallow ramen noodles and ice cream but that’s about it. He can’t brush the teeth he has still so that’s gross lol. Hank you for asking!

      It’s very important that my kids know to be kind-I just told someone it really is that simple. I’m glad she’s getting it-my boys are starting to see the crazy from social media and the news-the hardest is when they are taught things in school that feed them ignorance. It’s an ongoing battle.

      Your love and prayers means the world to me. Our newest adopted finally let me pet him on the bed last night. HUGE!

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  5. Frank Hubeny says:

    It was a hard week to keep my mouth shut as well. I like how you dealt with the problem between your son and the lifeguard.


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