Vigilante Coward

Today I had someone tell me they were going to burn California down if they defund the police.

This same person told me a few hours later, that if they get caught in a protest they will just play the part and yell “Black Lives Matter! Police suck!”

This person says not to judge others, it’s not Christian.

This person is the first one to call out a person’s ethnicity if they do something to annoy them.

And they have no desire to look at their backward behaviors.

I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. I’m saying people use it as an excuse because they want to fight. They want to argue. They want to play victims.

This post is not to start a war. This post is to display why I worry about my children’s future. And why I try so hard to explain to them how to see things through God’s eyes.

I can’t articulate what I mean the right way. I can say that ALL lives matter. It’s about humanity.

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4 Responses to Vigilante Coward

  1. anitashope says:

    Very well said. It IS about humanity and so many people wont walk what they say. Life is too precious to allow hate and discontent to spread a negative agenda against any people.

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  2. So much hate just for the sake of hating something. You keep planting those seeds my friend. They will grow. 🙂

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