As It Fills

Sun shines today

Birds whistle within my ears

Though my eyes can’t see them-

A large pool

Gathered in this

Broken and cracked cement-

One that began

Dry and crumbled

Outer knife edges-

And then

There it was

The downpour threw up-

The dry was moist

The sharpness camouflaged

The pool became-

Casting warm blankets

Of heat and light

Calling up mirrors-

Sharing the skies

On the topcoat

Without glancing up-

Awe of trees

Comfort of clouds

Covers of sunshine-

Falling in to dreamland

Melting enemies away



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3 Responses to As It Fills

  1. Dale says:

    That was lovely! You should link it to Sammi’s post so others can read it too!

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