I have more than enough coffee cups. Today’s choice was intentional. I’ve been a cranky anxiety monster. “Distance Learning” starts Monday for all 3 of my kids. I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I am up way early today so I could get my online grocery order in.

And then I am distraught by the cost since prices have gone up, especially when I can’t get everything I need. Disinfect, wipes, essentials for my daycare business. I’m trying to only be irritated and not angry. I thought of going to the other store to get the majority of items. It would be much more cost effective. And then I winder if it’s worth the risk. My indecisiveness is now in my nerves.

Normally I would be outside drinking my coffee and inhaling the fresh air. This morning I’m on the couch thanks to the cold front and rain that moved in yesterday morning. Again, Texas goes by its own seasons.

I’ve decided to sand my door inside the house. I’m aching to do some art. Something. It really is therapy for me. My anxiety meds are not doing their job-at least it seems. I need to stop taking my worries back from God. Does me not good and He is in control-not me. And yet here I am.

So here’s to wishing everyone a relaxing weekend free of the what if’s and why nots.

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