Let’s Clarify

For those that can’t see it clearly, I am in anxiety overload. My kids can’t go to school. We can’t go to church. Yet there are those who think it’s flipping vacation time and now you should be doing your new living room decor. Get a grip!!! YOU are why we are still at home!

This is not a vacation!!!! Like I really cannot grasp the ignorance. If you need medication, you need to go get your groceries, get what you need and take your backside back home. Go for a walk. Do not go shopping to redecorate your home.

I have said from the beginning that this is all about common sense and good hygiene. At this point good hygiene takes the backseat because people have no flipping common sense.

Your mask is a one time use unless you can wash it. And then you have to wash it every single day. your gloves belong in the trash. Not left on the ground, not left on the grocery cart, but in the trash can.

I am at this point really struggling. I know God is going to take care of us. What I don’t understand is the complete and utter lack of care for other people.

My pastor just recently lost a coworker from his previous church to Covid. Someone I follow on Twitter just lost her brother and because of this pandemic could not even visit him in the hospital to say her goodbyes as he passed away alone. People are losing their jobs, their homes, at what point are you going to get it?

This isn’t about whether you like the president or not. This isn’t about what handouts you think you deserve. This isn’t about your religion. This is about conservation of human life and our economy to continue on.

Please think of others first. Your survival could depend on it!

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7 Responses to Let’s Clarify

  1. Well, If I had opened this post first I wouldn’t have asked how you were doing just a post or 2 ago 🙂 I know what you mean. I am the designated person in the house that has to go and do our “essentials” I have a immune system issue but hubby has severe lung issues due to being placed downwind of burn pits during a deployment. He doesn’t harp about it, he is very active BUT we know his lungs are susceptible to things. My immune system issue is that it isn’t weakened it is in overdrive. Which makes me fatigued BUT it does offer a layer of protection.

    Anyway, I was at a big store, one that offers to shop for you. One of the employees literally reached OVER my head, as I was leaning over to get veggies. I didn’t look up to scold them. I just held my breathe and turned my head into my sleeve. So much for social distancing. I don’t think anyone has been that close to me EVER except my husband. Or to hug someone.

    The few people that were in the store were staying very far apart, then down an aisle, there’s another “employee shopper” I had stopped to get the item I needed. he was all the way at the other end of the aisle, then I hear him right behind me. I turn to get away and what do I here A freaking sneeze!!! Not a covered mouth, or an in the corner of the elbow, nothing. AHHHHCHEW! Not only is he possible infecting me BUT HE IS SHOPPING FOR PEOPLE.

    I think ok one more item and I am out of here. Then I see out of my peripheral vision a woman barreling towards my way. I look, she is so read faced, gasping like she ran 5 miles to get to the store. I am thinking, really? She is obviously sick. It might not be this virus but she is sick with something, or has the worst case of allergies I have ever seen OR heard.

    Sorry for such a long comment but what you are saying is true. We have been really careful. Only go out to get food. But when I have to go out I am faced with others who are not social distancing, not covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough, not staying home when they are sick.

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    • I am lifting and covering you and prayers! It is extremely frustrating. My allergies are really bad and if I have to go out I feel bad sneezing because I don’t want someone to think that I’m sick. That’s why you sneeze into your sleeve you cover yourself you use some flipping common sense.

      I do feel bad for people who may be alone and need things and have no other way to get them. If I didn’t do what I do I would not mind running errands to help people.

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