Empty Mirror

I notice that every single time, you are happy to help as long as you get the credit, the gold star, the thunder, the recognition. I noticed that you suddenly are burdened and seemingly distraught over helping the next time when it’s given to me, the one doing the work, the endless hours, the trying to be me. Can you just choose? Can you just say no? Can you just walk through the why you can’t without making it my fault that your life is miserable, and tiring, and that I make you unhappy with my constant needing? Can you just stop telling me to ask since when I do I’m overwhelming your life and taking away the things that you want to do? How dare you ask me what my dreams are and in the same hour window tell me how they weigh you down. How dare you say you want to see me happy and in the same breath tell me I don’t care. How dare you hold yourself in a position of authority and complain when cause you don’t want to do the job that comes with it. How dare you expect me to be the whole person you can’t be half of.
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